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Our leadership

Hubertus Brunner is the senior pastor and founder of New Life International Church Vienna and ordained by the FKÖ (Freie Kirchen in Österreich). Before founding this state-recognized free church in 2014, Hubertus Brunner had worked in church leadership and as an assistant pastor in various churches in Austria for many years. Hubertus Brunner had originally devoted himself to economics, but then decided to become a pastor and fully step into the love he has for the word of God, the Bible. Hubertus is married to his wife since 2003 and they have two children. 

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Our vision 

We hope for people from every nation to encounter Jesus as their personal savior and learn that through him, our lives truly change for the better. We love our city Vienna and believe in the people who live here, to get to know Jesus as their redeemer, restorer and healer. We want our church to be built on the foundation of God's unfailing love. Our vision and goal is to be a church that represents the love of God for this world and this city. 

What we believe

We believe in a just, loving God who created heaven and earth. We believe in Jesus Christ as the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins. We believe in the Holy Spirit who lives in our hearts, giving us fresh life and providing us with wisdom. For us, the Bible is the book of truth, with its words and writers inspired by God. We experience full salvation through Jesus Christ. He took upon himself all sins and died and rose again, so that we may have new and everlasting life. This redemption through Jesus Christ is a gift of God's grace for humanity. We believe that God wants to change, shape, heal and strengthen us in our own personal lives, so that we can be a light, support and blessing for the people in our surrounding as well. 

Our location is easy to reach with the U1 or U6

Here you will find more information about free churches in Austria: 

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