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why we give
We give because we believe that through our generosity, we support the church in giving more people the opportunity and more room to get to know Jesus. We give out of conviction and with a heart for the house of God: the church. When we give, we build the future and contribute to our community, our city, and beyond to experience the love of God. 


What is tithing?

Through a relationship with Jesus we are called into a life of generosity. One of the biblical principles of giving is tithing and offerings. The tithe is 10% of our income and is an opportunity for us to regularly nvest into the church. We believe that the tithe, as well as every other contribution, is a matter of the heart: 

"So everyone should decide for himself how much he wants to give, and that voluntarily and not out of a sense of obligation. For God loves those who give cheerfully. He can give you so many gifts, even shower you with good things, that you can Time to have everything you need and more than that. This way you can also do good for others in many different ways."

- 2 Corinthians 6:7-8 

How can I give? 
You can either give online or on site. 
Here you can give online: IBAN: AT63 1400 0044 1086 6159 

Do you have further questions? 
E-Mail us at 
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